White Cabinets. Final Answer.

After lots and lots (and lots) of thinking. I’m feeling good about white cabinets for our master bathroom.

Remember this photo? It was by far my favorite inspiration room and for awhile I was really leaning toward dark wood.

But the real reason this photo was calling my name is the contrast in the room – the way the dark wood stands out against the light walls. OK. So I’ll create contrast in the room a different way. I just think¬† white is right for us. Here’s why.


You had me at easy to clean. The truth is, we’re pretty rough on our house. We’re just not delicate, take your shoes off, shut the door softly kind of people. I’m afraid nice, expensive wood cabinets in a room that we both use at least twice a day wouldn’t stand a chance. And if we’re going to go with white, paint is not an option. Painted cabinet doors and drawers are easy to ding up and will eventually show cracks in the paint. Trust me. We painted our kitchen cabinets white. It’s ding city in there.

And the best news? Choosing foil cabinets means a lot fewer options in cabinet and drawer styles. Why do fewer options make me happy?¬† Hello. I cannot make a decision when it comes to this home without going over ever single choice about 100 times (I get that from my mom). Having basically two choices is music to my ears…and time line.

Our local kitchen and bath company sells MidContinent Cabinetry. They have three options in foil.

I ruled out the Hampton right away. I’m not a fan of the raised center panel. It’s a look that goes in and out of style and could look outdated really quickly if it doesn’t already.

That leaves Concord…

or Cottage.

I like Concord, Jake likes Cottage.

Jake wins. We have beadboard in our downstairs bathroom and this cabinet would be a nice continuation of that. It’s all about flow throughout the house, right?

I’m just happy we made a decision. Now on to the counter top.

Redoing a bathroom is quite the project. See the other design options I was toying
with here and the inspiration rooms they came from here.

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