When In Doubt, Draw It Out

Yesterday, I post a recap of the progress we had made in the living room between the time I started blogging and my last living-room-related post.

Here’s where we left off…

As I said yesterday, progress had been made. But a finished room this was not.

And then I learned how to draw a floor plan. You probably don’t know this, but in January of this year I took at 6 week design class at Kendall College of Art and Design and it changed the was a look at designing a room. This class was one of the highlights of my year and I learned so many great things that I’ve been applying to our home since. I just haven’t blogged about it yet!

So, as a homework assignment for class, I measured every corner of the living room and all of the furniture we had in the room.

With the help of my instructor and class mates (including Megan and Laura), this is the floor plan we came up with.


Drawing a floor plan is easy. And even if it wasn’t, it would be worth it. I’m not expert (yet) so I won’t give you a tutorial. But I will post some resources later this week. Essentially what you need is a pencil and graph paper. Once you’ve measured your room you just draw it out to scale on the graph paper. Then, cut out furniture using sticky notes. In my floor plan, green represents existing furniture and purple represents furniture I would need to purchase.

What I like about this floor plan is that there is a good flow and it’s easy to walk through the room. Watching TV is comfortable, but the TV (inside the media cabinet/armoire) is not the focal point of the room.

Once the floor plan was just right on paper, it was time to actually move the furniture I had into place to make sure this layout would work before we made any more big purchases to fill in the missing pieces. The floor plan ended up looking just as good in real life as it did on paper. So it was time to take the next step…drawing elevations. More on that soon.

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