This is How I Caulk

Before I could paint the inside of the pantry, some major sanding and caulking was necessary. I wanted to share with you my favorite product for caulking and the best tool I think there is.

I found this at Home Depot quite some time ago, I hope they still carry it.

The tip is perfectly shaped and the caulk doesn’t come out all gunky like with some of the other tubes. And I love that there’s no caulk gun involved. I never really could figure out how those things work. So basically, you just run the nozzle along your trim and apply a steady pressure.

I think using your finger is the best way to get a smooth finish once you’ve applied the caulk. No fancy tools required. Just run your finger along the bead of caulk from step one and you’re good to go. It’s a bit messy so be sure to have a rag close by.

How do you caulk? If you like fancy tools better, it’s OK, tell us about it.

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  • Caulker casualty

    When I was working construction I would watch the people who caulked for a living (yes, there are people who caulk for a living) and I would notice they would always push, instead of pull, their caulk guns. Try it next time.  With a well trimmed nozzle, cut at a 45 degree angle, and the right amount of pressure to force out not too much nor too little caulk, you will perform a better and neater job.  The caulk penetrates further into the crack because you are pushing it in and the nozzle smooths it out as you push  Try it.  Just a few practice runs and you will get the knack.