THBT: Jake and Emily

The house I sit in as I write this has been our home since April 2007. That seems so long ago. Did blogs even exist back then?

Of course they did. But it never occurred to me at the time to write and record the work we’ve been doing to make this house a home. Good thing my Life Handbook reads “late is better than never.”

Our Realtor showed us this house five times before we bought it. I knew the first time I walked through the door that this was the one. But it took Jake a little longer to jump on board. I think this is a theme you’ll see continue-Emily knows what she wants, Jake takes awhile but in the end lets her do what she wants. Crystal door knobs, white kitchen back splash, painting our interior doors…all follow a similar pattern.

But Jake deserves some props too when it comes to this home. Without his keen eye we wouldn’t have the leather couches that are so comfortable for watching TV and our family room would be painted a horrendous burnt orange instead of the chocolate brown that now warms the walls.

We’ve got a lot to learn in this journey from house to home, but this home belongs to us.


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  • Jodi


    You really are a fun writer! This was my guilty pleasure, taking a break from web page writing this morning!! Result: SAD! I was SOOOO hoping for an Emily-Stearley-pick “If I were hosting Thanksgiving” table.

    I love, however, the wreaths and since I am a last-minute-Louise, I can still get one of the prettier ones. :)

    Also love your little L-room corner transformation. And Moose standing guard on chair arm.

    Have a great Thanksgiving, even if you didn’t help me with my table.