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Vocab Lesson: Pomander

This is so cute. But what in the h-e-double-hockey-sticks is a pomander? Allow Wikipedia to explain: “A pomander, from French pomme d’ambre, i.e. apple of amber, is a ball made of perfumes, such as ambergris (whence the name), musk, or civet.[1] The pomander was worn or carried in a vase, also known by the same […]

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14 Valentine’s: Day Two, Simple Pizza Tweak

Pizza. Check. Romantic pizza. Check, check. All you need is a heart cookie cutter. Photo by Sara Westbrook. Via One Charming Party.


14 Valentine’s: Day One, Valentine’s Day Gift Idea

No hearts and flowers. This sweet poster tells someone special how they make you feel. Available here: maydaystudio