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Pantry Organization

Our pantry is now prettier…and a bit more organized, too. One of my favorite pantry organizing tips is to use Lazy Susans (turntables) wherever you can. I use three in my pantry right now. You can see two of them here. They’re perfect for corners because with one quick spin you can see what you […]

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Design Fundamental: Contrast

Light walls, dark door. From Dark blue walls, basically everything else in the room is white. From These are just two examples of using contrast as a design element. Using contrast in interior design is pretty straightforward. Put two elements in opposition of one another to bring a space to life. Ways to […]

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Pantry is Prettier

Before pretty paint: After pretty paint: So much better! There is nothing like a fresh coat of white paint to make a space feel bright and clean. And the edge detail? I say why not add a fun punch of color wherever you can. And adding the paint was easy. I picked up a pre-tinted […]

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This is How I Caulk

Before I could paint the inside of the pantry, some major sanding and caulking was necessary. I wanted to share with you my favorite product for caulking and the best tool I think there is. I found this at Home Depot quite some time ago, I hope they still carry it. The tip is perfectly […]

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Prettying Up the Pantry

In this home, we are fortunate to have a pantry in the kitchen with plenty of room for food storage. However, aesthetically speaking, opening this door 5-10 times a day left a little to be desired. A bit dingy, unorganized and just not-so-great. Time for a makeover. And just in case you’re not convinced, here’s […]

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