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Living Room Plan, Wall-by-Wall

In Tuesday’s post, I shared the overall floor plan for our living room. Next, I want to share the elevation drawings I completed during the six week interior design class I’m so glad I was able to take. What is an elevation drawing? Basically, an elevation is a one dimensional (flat) drawing of the three […]

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When In Doubt, Draw It Out

Yesterday, I post a recap of the progress we had made in the living room between the time I started blogging and my last living-room-related post. Here’s where we left off… As I said yesterday, progress had been made. But a finished room this was not. And then I learned how to draw a floor […]

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Living Room Recap

Yikes…it’ been a long time since I’ve posted any pictures of our living room. A lot has changed since the last time. Before I show you where we are now, let’s recap where we’ve been. The first time I showed you our living room, it looked like this: At this point, we never used this […]

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That Dang Corner

The living room is looking really good. With one exception. This corner that’s giving me trouble. What’s a girl to do? Scour the web for some inspiration of course! A skinny table with a bench? A console with stools? A house plant? So, WWMRD? What would my readers do? Images: 1. Found via Bryn Alexandra, […]

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Merry Christmas {Living Room Update}

Remember this corner of the living room? Eek! With a minor transformation, the corner looked like this (not-so-fondly referred to by Jake as “the old lady shrine” because of the birds on the table cloth).  Better, but with exception of the dog, still pretty ugly. The living room overall has been challenging. Before we could […]

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Let’s Soften Things Up {Living Room Update}

Warmth and softness are the theme of this living room update. Let’s take a look back at how things gave progressed so far. I mentioned in an earlier post that we don’t have “real” before pictures. When we moved into this home, I never imagined I would be blogging about all the changes we’ve made, […]

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Big, Beautiful Art for the Living Room

Our living room is coming along. But the walls are still empty, which makes the room quite boring. So, the search began.  At first, I thought about taking on a DIY project like this (tutorial here, found here)… Or this using some old notes I have from my Grandma Maxine (tutorial here)… Or this DIY botanical print (tutorial […]

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Living Room Update

Good: Much better: Some simple furniture rearranging and additional accessories warm up the space.


Living Room Update: 1 hour, $12

Last week I showed you how a few accessories made a big difference in our living room. Here is another example. Remember that scary table in the corner? Well, thanks to a $12 Target table cloth, two dining room chairs, a lamp that was on the other side of the room and some re-purposed frames, […]

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Living Room Update: 1 hour, $0

Remember my fruitful trip to TJ Maxx? I hit the jackpot and spent no money thanks to a gift card. Well, those items now look perfect in our living room. For now I’ll show you the lamps and the pillows. Remember what the couch looked like before? And here is what a few accessories can do.

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