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Gorgeous Chair Inspiration (via Google Image Search)

Have you tried Google’s newish tool that let’s you search using an image? Basically, instead of typing text into the search bar you upload an image and Google Finds similar images. I tried it this morning with a gorgeous chair that Jodi told me about last night. It’s sold out on One King’s Lane, but […]

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Pantry Organization

Our pantry is now prettier…and a bit more organized, too. One of my favorite pantry organizing tips is to use Lazy Susans (turntables) wherever you can. I use three in my pantry right now. You can see two of them here. They’re perfect for corners because with one quick spin you can see what you […]

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Pantry is Prettier

Before pretty paint: After pretty paint: So much better! There is nothing like a fresh coat of white paint to make a space feel bright and clean. And the edge detail? I say why not add a fun punch of color wherever you can. And adding the paint was easy. I picked up a pre-tinted […]

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This is How I Caulk

Before I could paint the inside of the pantry, some major sanding and caulking was necessary. I wanted to share with you my favorite product for caulking and the best tool I think there is. I found this at Home Depot quite some time ago, I hope they still carry it. The tip is perfectly […]

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Prettying Up the Pantry

In this home, we are fortunate to have a pantry in the kitchen with plenty of room for food storage. However, aesthetically speaking, opening this door 5-10 times a day left a little to be desired. A bit dingy, unorganized and just not-so-great. Time for a makeover. And just in case you’re not convinced, here’s […]

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Ring My Bell

Ever since I saw this post last February (2010), I’ve been stalking TJ Maxx looking for this bell. I seriously jumped up and down when I finally found it two weeks ago. I might have even squealed a little. Isn’t it the cutest hanging in the kitchen? I give it a little ring every night […]

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My New Cooking Partner

Do you ever buy something even though you have no idea what you’re going to do with it? I do. Kind of a lot (here, here). I just couldn’t leave the antique store without this… Our kitchen has zero wall space, so I might have to get creative. But, he’s a chef wearing slippers for […]

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Thanksgiving Dish: File This One Away

Yummy (not-so-low-cal) Broccoli Casserole by Paula Deen We used fresh broccoli instead of frozen. Definite crowd-pleaser.

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Etsy Finds: Vinyl Decals for the Kitchen

My mom mentioned she’s looking for some decoration for the soffit above the cabinets in her red, chef inspired kitchen. I recommended she look on Etsy for some vinyl decals, and then decided it would be fun to look for her. Here’s what I found (most of them are available in a variety of colors, click on […]

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Berry Crisp Recipe

I just have to share one of my favorite recipes with you. I’ve been making it for years. It’s the perfect thing for the day you come home from the farmer’s market with fresh berries. The recipe came from one of those “magazines” that you probably get from your local hospital. Quick, relatively healthy, yummy… What you […]

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