Summer of 29

Today is Memorial Day 2010, a day to remember those who have served our country and a day that we also remember loved ones we have lost. It’s a day when we all tend to take pause and reflect on our lives. Memorial Day is also known as the unofficial start to summer. It’s that combination of the days meaning that made me realize – this is the last summer of my 20’s.

This fall I”ll be turning 3o. I’m trying not to have a life crisis about it. You’re only as old as you feel, some people say. But at the same time, the looming (significant) birthday is bringing up some questions for me. Have I accomplished everything I thought I would have by now? Married a wonderful man – check. Own a home – check. Kids – nope not yet, but that one’s jumped on and off the pre-thirty list many times. What about the work I do? How I spend my time? Friendships? Creative outlets?  Those questions aren’t as easy to check off a list.  

And what about the little things? Like mini-skirts. And two-peice bathing suits. Are those ridiculous things to wonder about? I’ve read many a magazine article that splits appropriate fashion into 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s. If I’m not in my 20’s anymore I don’t think I can go crazy with the latest trend or wear heels that are way too high.  

So what does all of this reflection mean for me? I’m not sure, yet. All I know is that today I’m happy, I miss my grandparents who are no longer here, and I’m thankful for the people who have sacrificed so much for our freedom. And I think I better get my bikini out of the basement.


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  • Anne

    Great reflection, Emily. What about own a great dog :: moose – check!