Subtract Trees, Add Curb Appeal

The landscape has been slowing changing around this home (here and here). Yesterday, it was time for some minor tree removal.

We are so lucky to have huge oak, maple and beech trees all around our yard. Those we wouldn’t touch. 

But there were some smaller, less attractive trees that needed to be dealt with. Like these in the front…

This photo isn’t the best angle, but there are actually two of the same tree right next too each other. Both of them had pretty flowers in the spring, but they are way too close to the house and the berries stain our driveway in the fall.

They had to go!

Our house looks bigger, there is more sunshine in the yard and it just plain looks better. Even Tom from Tom’s Trees said we have more curb appeal now. Thanks Tom!


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  • anne

    Is that a hose container or a general container for yard stuff on your front porch? I like it. I’ve been wanting one for a while but haven’t found one that’s not crazy expensive.

    • Emily

      It is a hose container. I got in from Home Depot a long time ago. I can’t remember how much it cost. I’m actually going to move that one to the backyard (we have two hoses) and get something more attractive for the front yard.