Let’s Soften Things Up {Living Room Update}

Warmth and softness are the theme of this living room update. Let’s take a look back at how things gave progressed so far.

I mentioned in an earlier post that we don’t have “real” before pictures. When we moved into this home, I never imagined I would be blogging about all the changes we’ve made, so I just didn’t take them. So close your eyes and picture really ugly carpet and big heavy drapes. To rid the room of both those things, we put in the wood floors, painted the walls and added some blinds.

To get us started with furniture, my mom and dad gave us a hand-me-down couch when they down-sized. The end tables are the work of my Grandpa Chet and the chest was in my Grandma Maxine’s house. The green chairs were a desperation Craigslist purchase. We needed a place for people to sit.

We added some lamps and accessories and the space instantly looked more inviting.

Update #1

While the blinds that we first picked out were nice and good quality, they just weren’t working for us. The vertical ribbon accents were always crooked, and in the end it just wasn’t the look we were going for. Enter Target. What a great place to get inexpensive, nice looking blinds. While were were at it, we added some simple white curtains, also from Target.

Update #2

I could not stand the site of those ugly green chairs for even one more day. So we brought in the little blue chair that came from my parents house and an old rocking chair that was my great grandmothers.

The screen behind the couch came from World Market. And after moving furniture around about a million times, we finally realized that putting furniture on the angle was the right way to go.

And now…

Minor updates really, but I think sometimes those make the biggest difference. First we added a rug. Our living room is pretty large – 13′ x 20′ so finding a traditional rug that wasn’t super expensive was tough. I also new I wanted something light colored and soft, so we opted for a carpet remnant. We had it custom cut and bound to 11′ x 17′ and it fits perfectly.

Once the rug was in place, we had to address the seating. The rocking chair I showed you earlier is s beautiful – definitely one of my favorite items in this house – which is exactly why I don’t want it in the living room. See that little doggy in the picture? He just loves to sit and look out the window…and bark at the mail man…and kick up his back legs to show he’s tough. I’m just worried the chair would never survive. So we bought this:

It’s from Pier 1. It rocks and swivels and is so soft you just want to cuddle up on it. And because of the way it’s shaped, Moose can’t see out the window when he sits on it, so he just curls up and snuggles on it too.

That half of the room is pretty close to complete. Stay tuned for updates on the other half – the half that’s giving me a bit more trouble.

Now, you tell me, what changes have you made lately to warm up your space? Do you ever hide furniture just to keep it safe from little dog nails?

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