Prettying Up the Pantry

In this home, we are fortunate to have a pantry in the kitchen with plenty of room for food storage. However, aesthetically speaking, opening this door 5-10 times a day left a little to be desired.

A bit dingy, unorganized and just not-so-great. Time for a makeover.

And just in case you’re not convinced, here’s a close up.

(I might like Nutella just a little bit. Have you tried it on plain rice cakes? Yum.)

Plus, I had a label maker phase awhile back and the remnants of that phase just weren’t holding up anymore to everyday wear and tear

Step one of course was to take every last thing out of the pantry and throw away anything expired or that we just won’t use. You never know what’s lurking back in the corner of those hard to reach shelves. Once everything is out, it was time to bust out the old paint brush and make this pantry prettier.

Stay tuned for the results. Here’s a little taste of what’s too come.


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