Pinned {April 24, 2011}

Pin·terest (pĭn’trĭst): n. a social catalog to collect and share things you love

Pin (pĭn): n. an item you post to a pinboard

Pin·board (pĭn·bôrd): n. a visual collection of things you love


Moose is always popping up in photos on this blog. Here are some other camera-hog-dogs from around the web.

Yorkie’s love the spotlight. I know this firsthand.

Pinned here. Found at Decor8. (Image: plum chutney)

Romantic bedroom. Adorable poodle.

Pinned here (originally pinned by Christine Martinez).  Originally found at the neo-traditionalist.

Pretty puppy on the ottoman.

Pinned here. Found at House Beautiful.

Sitting so nicely. Right in camera view of course.

Pinned here. Found at The Estate of Things. Originally featured in the November 2010 issue of Town & Country.

Yorkie on a stool.

Pinned here. Found at Oh Dee Doh. (Image: Urban Outfitters)


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