Pink Tulips

A┬áspecial tradition from my even more┬áspecial husband…pink tulips on Valentine’s Day.

They brighten up our family room and make me smile.

Picture 004











What is your favorite flower?

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  • Emily @ Live Renewed

    Cute blog Em! I didn’t realize you had this blog. I’ve always been impressed with all of the projects you do around your house. I’m looking forward to following along with you here!

    Love the tulips! Did you know that if you put a penny in the bottom of the vase it will help the tulips stand up straight and not bend over. Just a little tip I learned.

    • Emily

      Thanks Em! I’ve been reading what you’re up to as well. And while I’m not ready to completely take the plunge into green living I’m definitely taking baby steps thanks to you.

      That’s a well-timed tip! So far they’re still straight and tall, but I just dropped in a penny in hopes they’ll stay that way a little longer. I wonder how that works?