Merry Christmas {Living Room Update}

Remember this corner of the living room?


With a minor transformation, the corner looked like this (not-so-fondly referred to by Jake as “the old lady shrine” because of the birds on the table cloth).  Better, but with exception of the dog, still pretty ugly.

The living room overall has been challenging. Before we could do anything more, we had to define how we would use the space. Even though this is the largest room in our house, it’s the one we use the least.

One of the biggest questions – TV or no TV? I was on the anti-TV side. We already have a TV in the family room, one in Jake’s den and one in our bedroom. Isn’t three TV’s in a two person house is enough? Jake’s argument was that if we ever wanted to have more than four people over to watch the Superbowl, or a movie, or maybe even an Oscar party, they wouldn’t have anywhere to sit. As usual, he was right and we agreed that the room would have a TV, but one that was hidden when not in use. So for Christmas, we did what we usually do and bought ourselves something big that we otherwise wouldn’t buy.

My present was this:

And Jake’s present was what goes inside:

Admittedly a splurge, this Pottery Barn cabinet does the trick. It looks like an antique, but is fully functional as a media cabinet. Does part of me wish I could have taken and actual antique and turned it into something modern? Of course. But we’ve waited long enough to get this room together and it was just time to buy something.

Have you splurged on any home purchases lately? How many TV are to many? Do tell!

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  • Paige Jewett

    i am totally in love with your new media cabinet. great purchase, if you ask me! :)

    • Emily

      Thanks! It’s fun to look at. I”m thinking about putting it on an angle in the corner instead…