Living Room Recap

Yikes…it’ been a long time since I’ve posted any pictures of our living room. A lot has changed since the last time. Before I show you where we are now, let’s recap where we’ve been.

The first time I showed you our living room, it looked like this:

At this point, we never used this room and the furniture was only thrown in so the room didn’t echo. And, we didn’t want our house to look abandoned. This is one of the only rooms you can see from the street.

Next, a few well placed accessories temporarily warmed up the space and made it at least a little more inviting.

I attempted to make the space look more “lived in” by adding a table cloth which Jake was not shy about hating.

He wasn’t wrong.

I fell in love with this huge painting from Pier One and brought it home immediately, even though I didn’t quite know where to put it.

Things started to look up when I got the itch to start rearranging furniture.

The room felt instantly cozier with the couch on an angle like this.We replaced the ugly green wing-backs with two hand-me-downs from my parents. At this point, I actually started using this room to read. Previously Moose was this room’s only occupant.

We invested in an armoire, a rug and a different chair…

At this point, things were looking pretty good. Except the other corner. That dang corner that I just could not figure out what to do with…

…and that’s when I learned the most important decorating lesson I’ve learned yet. “When in doubt, draw it out.”

More on that tomorrow.

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  • Jodi Stanley34

    The way I see it, Moose is the best accessory! See how his presence commands the room? He is the perfect complement and pulls all of your improvements together. I also note that Scattergories is an excellent game to have on hand. It will keep your mind off worrying about what to do with that dang corner!