Let Them Eat Cake (Or Decorate With It)

I just love this cake art by Paul and Jordan Ferney. If I could afford three of them, I’d snatch them up right now and hang them in my kitchen. I wondered if I could find something similar on Etsy. This is what I found (click on the photos for details):
PRINT - It's How You Bake the Cake
PRINT - Cake Under Glass
Paige's Pink Petal Cake Print
Pink Fluff Cupcake Print
Celebrate Everyday - a yummy typography cake

Which one do you think is the sweetest?

Home Decor

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  • Jodi Stanley


    My goodness! I can paint cute cakes like the pricey Ferney boys for WAYYY less! I bet you could even do them yourself. Cake still lifes are easy!

    • http://www.thishomebelongsto.com Emily Stearley

      You’re crazy! Maybe you could paint one, but the only paint brush I know how to use is one that paints on walls. How about this…I’ll make the cake, you paint it. :) You artist you.