Keep it Simple

I love renovating, decorating and creating new things (and writing about it here). Sometimes it’s easy for me to forget that I have a full time job. No, I don’t mean that I forget to get in the car and show up at work Monday-Friday. But, I do fail to remember that my time outside of work is limited.

My typical weekday includes two hours total of commuting and eight hours behind a desk.When I get home my priorities are making and eating dinner with my husband, taking the dog for a walk and training for the 5k I plan to run in June. I should probably admit my weakness for General Hospital (loving the Dante and Sonny storyline!) and I can’t miss American Idol, so that take up some time too. But a girl’s gotta relax a little, right?   

Even though time isn’t on my side, I still create long to-do lists and dream up big ideas. I have a million clippings from magazines of decor ideas to try and just about every room in the house needs some paint and some kind of repair. I wake up on Saturday morning and don’t know where to start. I feel overwhelmed and what ends up getting done is nothing. 

So I have a new plan of attack: keep it simple, one area at a time. I will do the projects I can do now using what I have. I’ll spend a little money along the way to fill in the missing pieces. I may not accomplish all that I want to, but I can always go back and add the finishing touches.

Oprah always says “your home should rise up to meet you.” If I’m following her advice (like I usually do!) I should start with our back entry hallway, the first area I step into every evening when I get home.

Do you create long lists you know are nearly impossible to finish or are your goals more realistic? Tell me about it. I bet I can learn from you.


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