Empty Wall, Big Clock

This wall in our family rooms looks bare.

Empty Wall Needs Big Clock

We’ve tried several different “looks” for this wall. Shelves with frames, three large paintings, etc. but nothing has looked right so far. That’s when the lightbulb went off in Jake’s head. A big clock!

I was on board with that idea right away and started looking. The perfect clock is not too big, not to small, but just right. 30-32 inches in diameter should work. I started looking in all the usual places: Pottery Barn, Target, Pier 1 (you know how I love Pier 1!), but my search quickly turned to the Web.

I thought I’d share a few websites that have a big selection of big clocks.


We were hoping to spend less than $200 and were thrilled to find this:

32 in Bulova Wall Clock

Nice right? At $187 including shipping it meets all of our requirements. The walnut matches our mantel and the design in the middle matches other decor in our family room.

If it looks as good as I think it will, I’ll take another photos after it arrives and we put it up.

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  • michelle

    i love the lamp! we need a new one for the living room!

    • Emily

      Thanks Michelle! It’s from Home Depot. Every once and awhile they have cute lamps. I stroll down the aisle every time I’m there.

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  • sarah

    oh when i first read this, i thought you guys were going to paint a big clock on your wall and buy a minute hand/ hour hand kit and have a big ass working wall clock. how silly! it should look very cool in your house.

    • Emily

      Ha! I am not that talented! That would be kind of cool though…