I found a cute new Etsy shop I just have to tell you about – Confetti Garden.  I can’t recall how I first came across the shop. But I’m so glad I did. I’ll show you what I purchased in just a minute, but first let me show you how the package came.

Consistent with their store name, confetti could be found inside and out.

Sheet music, bunnies and more bunnies! And all kinds of goodies on the inside…

Plus, a thank you note. How sweet and thoughtful.

But the best things in the box? My actual order of course.

Look what I got…

A vintage pink clock to go in our pink guest bedroom.

A vintage railroad car inspectors flashlight. Did you even know such a thing existed? I did not, but I’m glad I do now. I’m thinking this will end up in the basement. Goes with the mood board, right?

Anywho, I’m just so pleased about this shop I had to share. Here are some other great things they have listed right now. Get them before I do!

Vintage Industrial Task Lamp

Vintage Happy Gnome

Vintage Chinese Checkers Tin

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