Rocks of Love

Jake’s doing an great job sprucing up our landscaping. He had trees removed and new borders put in. More recently he picked out some big rocks to place throughout the yard. Pretty much rocks, right? (I couldn’t resist.)


Front Door Color Splash

Our front door needed a quick spring pick-me-up. As you can see here and here, I’ve been really into yellow lately. Time to get a little bit crafty. Here’s how it all came together… Wreath The wreath was pretty straight forward. Yarn-wreath-with-a-twist I’m calling it. What you need is a Styrofoam wreath, yarn in the […]

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Project to Try: Movable Water Fountain posts tons of great project ideas. Here’s one I’d like to try. Movable Water Fountain

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Front Door

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Subtract Trees, Add Curb Appeal

The landscape has been slowing changing around this home (here and here). Yesterday, it was time for some minor tree removal. We are so lucky to have huge oak, maple and beech trees all around our yard. Those we wouldn’t touch.  But there were some smaller, less attractive trees that needed to be dealt with. […]


Why Did Moose Cross the Road?

Art fairs can be a great place to find lawn ornaments. I’m pretty selective when it comes to yard decor, and often go home empty handed. But, what I found last weekend was too good to pass up. The vendor had several to choose from: “cat crossing,” “dog crossing” and…. I think he likes it. He’s vain like that.


Landscape Plan: Front Porch

These old-school evergreen shrubs were all that adorned the right side of our front porch when we moved in. And there they sat for three years. I was never a fan, but replacing them just wasn’t high on the list of priorities. We called in some professional help to remove the bushes and change the shape […]


The Summer of Landscaping

This is the summer of beauti-fying the outside of this home. We’ve done so much on the inside (mostly before I started this blog) and now it’s time for the outside to match. The landscapers are here right now, helping us with some of the “heavy-lifting” like digging trenches, ripping out bushes, and taking down an […]