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Pantry is Prettier

Before pretty paint: After pretty paint: So much better! There is nothing like a fresh coat of white paint to make a space feel bright and clean. And the edge detail? I say why not add a fun punch of color wherever you can. And adding the paint was easy. I picked up a pre-tinted […]

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This is How I Caulk

Before I could paint the inside of the pantry, some major sanding and caulking was necessary. I wanted to share with you my favorite product for caulking and the best tool I think there is. I found this at Home Depot quite some time ago, I hope they still carry it. The tip is perfectly […]

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Prettying Up the Pantry

In this home, we are fortunate to have a pantry in the kitchen with plenty of room for food storage. However, aesthetically speaking, opening this door 5-10 times a day left a little to be desired. A bit dingy, unorganized and just not-so-great. Time for a makeover. And just in case you’re not convinced, here’s […]

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White Cabinets. Final Answer.

After lots and lots (and lots) of thinking. I’m feeling good about white cabinets for our master bathroom. Remember this photo? It was by far my favorite inspiration room and for awhile I was really leaning toward dark wood. But the real reason this photo was calling my name is the contrast in the room […]

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Master Bathroom Design Boards

Based on Saturday’s inspiration photos, I put together a few design boards to help me decide the final look of the master bathroom. Option 1: First we have to decide on the materials for the cabinets and the counter top. This option shows a walnut stain on the cabinet with a light, stone-like counter top. […]

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Learn with Me: Updating a Bathroom

Our master bathroom is functional. But that’s about it. The time has come to make it into something more. I’ve never updated a bathroom start to finish. Have you? I’ll be honest it’s a bit overwhelming. But I’m going to take it one step at a time and share with you as I go. Hope […]

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2011: Year of the House

Forget the rabbit. For me, this is the year of the house. This is the time to focus on the home in which we live…and finally wrap some things up around here. To do: Master Bedroom Patch holes in the wall left from rearranging furniture and moving pictures Cover holes in the wall left from […]

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Front Door

Bad Good

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“I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost”

I’m not just about new lamps and throw pillows. Oh, no. I fix toilets too. Our downstairs toilet was “ghost flushing.” Basically, the flapper wasn’t closing all the way. Water would leak out of the toilet slowly, until the float level was too low and then the toilet will fill itself up again. This was […]

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Cleaning Rugs

As part of the back entry hall makeover, our rugs needed a good cleaning. I’m trying to use fewer chemicals to clean our home these days, so I went on a search for the best way to “green clean” a rug that’s too big to just be thrown in a washing machine. Here’s how I did it: […]

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