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Gorgeous Chair Inspiration (via Google Image Search)

Have you tried Google’s newish tool that let’s you search using an image? Basically, instead of typing text into the search bar you upload an image and Google Finds similar images. I tried it this morning with a gorgeous chair that Jodi told me about last night. It’s sold out on One King’s Lane, but […]

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Basement Decorating Ideas, Up for Grabs

Jake took over the basement remodel. He decided the best thing to do is finish it, as in drywall and all. As a result, I have a folder full of ideas that we’re not going to use. But you might want to. DIY Screen Rack by kootut murut Scrabble Pillows (source unknown) Big Art From […]

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3 DIY Art Project Ideas

I don’t know about you, but too many walls on my home are blank. I’ve been trying to fix that but often have a hard time finding things I like. So why not make something of my own? Even if it’s temporary until I find something else, bare walls do not make a cozy home. […]

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Living Room Plan, Wall-by-Wall

In Tuesday’s post, I shared the overall floor plan for our living room. Next, I want to share the elevation drawings I completed during the six week interior design class I’m so glad I was able to take. What is an elevation drawing? Basically, an elevation is a one dimensional (flat) drawing of the three […]

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Floor Plan Creating Resources

For now I’ll be sticking with the pencil and paper method when it comes to creating floor plans. It just feels right to me and allows more time to really think through what I’m doing. You might choose to go the online route, so here are some resources that will help you no matter what […]

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When In Doubt, Draw It Out

Yesterday, I post a recap of the progress we had made in the living room between the time I started blogging and my last living-room-related post. Here’s where we left off… As I said yesterday, progress had been made. But a finished room this was not. And then I learned how to draw a floor […]

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Living Room Recap

Yikes…it’ been a long time since I’ve posted any pictures of our living room. A lot has changed since the last time. Before I show you where we are now, let’s recap where we’ve been. The first time I showed you our living room, it looked like this: At this point, we never used this […]

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Dance, Inspired by Deanna

I can’t think about my friend Deanna without some old-school booty music popping into my head. So, when her 30th birthday came around, I knew what I had to do. I made her these posters and put one of them in a frame. She liked them and I thought you might to. Maybe you have […]

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Design Fundamental: Contrast

Light walls, dark door. From alifesdesign.blogspot.com Dark blue walls, basically everything else in the room is white. From brynalexandra.blogspot.com These are just two examples of using contrast as a design element. Using contrast in interior design is pretty straightforward. Put two elements in opposition of one another to bring a space to life. Ways to […]

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Prettying Up the Pantry

In this home, we are fortunate to have a pantry in the kitchen with plenty of room for food storage. However, aesthetically speaking, opening this door 5-10 times a day left a little to be desired. A bit dingy, unorganized and just not-so-great. Time for a makeover. And just in case you’re not convinced, here’s […]

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