Blue Dining Room of My Dreams! you’re into home decor and you’ve never seen, you must go now! This room is on page 124-125 of the most recent issue.)

The (brilliant) designer is Ashley Putman, based in Texas. Anyone want to loan me money so I can fly her up here?

Edit: This post has been entered in the What’s Your Style in One Photo Challenge on From the Right Bank.

Home Improvement

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    I completely fell in love with this room too. It made me want to paint something blue so badly! And everything is put together so, so well, Thanks so much for participating in the challenge!

  • Jodi

    Oh, wow! That IS gorgeous! Let’s see. The only thing that’s a little unrealistic to me is the big white arm chair at the end of the table — I fear red wine, meat, salad dressing or coffee would change that real fast. And if I put a big arm chair at the end of my dining room table, I think people would say “Why the heck does she have a big arm chair at her dining room table…” I guess I’m just not cool enough to pull it off. It would be like showing up to a meeting in runway fashions. Ha ha! It’s a fabulous blue.