Basement Before

OK. Shocking confession time.

This is what you would see in my basement if I let you go down there right now.

Basement Before

Basement Before 2

It’s such a mess, even Moose won’t go there.

moose basement

So why am I showing you my room full of crap? Because I need motivation. Our basement is huge and has so much potential. I haven’t decided what to do down there. There’s no budget set yet, though I’d like to keep it low. No┬ástuds and drywall at this point.

The goal is to have this room be a space we can use for fun. Did you notice the pieces of the pool table laying around? We just never got around to setting that up.

So, here we go. Baby steps. I’ll keep you posted along the way.

Do you have any creative ideas?

Home Improvement

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  • mat

    I think you need a spot for a work bench and some power tools : )

  • Anne

    Wow! Now I see why you didn’t want to take home those extra boxes for when you might need them. I would start with a good purge. If you haven’t used it in a year, time to get rid of it.

  • Jodi

    Yes, Moose seems to be experiencing fear of getting lost. And yes, you are right — it’s HUGE! You could have a club. Isn’t it weird how objects just “land” places in basements and attics? And there they are. I do see the Christmas tree over there. Just like mine. OK, I’m supposed to be working on some info guides, aren’t I? Ha ha — just took a quick FB break. :D Get that pool table up — it’s the perfect billiard room, if the club idea seems too noisy and full of strangers.