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Loving These Links: Sewing

Here’s a quick tutorial for a handbag with rope handles. Made at Home by Lisa Stickley is the perfect book for the novice seamstress. It combines the simplest of sewing techniques with beautiful fabrics to produce home-made, stylish furnishings. Browse the Sewing 101 Archive. Chris covers all the essentials – prewashing fabric, tools, choosing thread, […]

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Vocab Lesson: Kilim

When Sarah at Estate of Things described this photo by saying “the bookshelves are a little scant for my taste but I love the kilim, chesterfield sofas and the brass coffee table,” all I could think is “what the heck is a kilim?” Turns out, it’s the rug she’s loving. Kilims are flat tapestry-woven carpets […]

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Loving These Links: Cake Making

Prudent Baby shows us all how to ice a cake in this fabulously detailed tutorial. This gorgeous pink ruffle cake created by Melody at My Sweet and Saucy catches my eye every-time I see it A rainbow cake feeds 200 people – 6 inches wide, 6 inches high, and about 40 inches long – that’s […]

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