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2010 More Productive Than I Thought

I was starting to feel like I hadn’t accomplished much home-wise in 2010. But thanks to this here blog, it was easy to remember that I actually did manage to get some things done around this home. This year I: Recovered dining room chairs Cleaned out the basement Installed new doorknobs and kitchen blinds Hung a big […]


How to Remove Water Spots

Smart people with clever tips make me happy. Centsational Girl says mayonnaise is the key to removing water spots from furniture. Be sure the leave the mayonnaise on for at least four hours or, even better, overnight. p.s. this tip is Heloise approved. She says to add cigarette ashes to the mayonnaise. Yuck. Please don’t take […]

Clever Tips

Living Room Update

Good: Much better: Some simple furniture rearranging and additional accessories warm up the space.


I Saw the Sign

I’d say this is a sure sign I’ve been working too much over the last couple weeks.   Pumpkins + snow = long overdue lawn decor swap.