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One Fun Thing: Ice Cream Cone Balloons

I can’t think of a reason why you wouldn’t do this at your next birthday party! via The Crafts Department

One Fun Thing

Restoration Hardware Fall Collection

The front of the fall Restoration Hardware catalog states, ” Reinvented. Remodeled. Reborn.” They are not kidding. Where do I even begin pointing out all that is wonderful. This chair! “An exact replica of a German chair from the 1940s. Crafted from forged iron and finished with a linen sling seat.” This light fixture! This […]

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To Do: Tie Better Bows

Hammering a nail I can do. Tying a bow, not so much. But it’s about time I learn. Up next on my to-do list: tie better bows. This video shows how to tie a bow with “free ribbon” (i.e. not attached to anything). Practice this for the next time a friend asks you to tie […]

Projects to Try

One Fun Thing: String Art

Go retro with 70’s string art…on the wall!

One Fun Thing

My New Toy

I am as excited about this now as I was about my Rainbow Bright record player when I was five. An expert sewer I am not, but I do see some pillow covers and curtains in my future.

Craft Projects

Back Entry Light

Yikes! I still haven’t completed our back entry hall update. The only thing left is a light fixture. Since the one I wanted is a bit out of my price range, I’m thinking of going the DIY route. Here are two options I’m contemplating now. 1. This DIY drum shade featured on Young House Love […]

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One Fun Thing: Knock-Off Wood

I want to build a piece of furniture from scratch. I don’t know that I ever will. But, I want to. And if I ever do, the first site I’ll visit is Knock-Off Wood. Ana White shares hundreds of furniture plans FOR FREE! She copy-cats everything from Pottery Barn to Ikea so you can build […]

One Fun Thing

One Fun Thing: Dress For Dinner Napkins

Awesome. Found here.

One Fun Thing

Vocab Lesson: Hammam and Cassis

Yesterday, I mentioned two vocabulary words I picked up during my favorite weekend hobby. Let’s explore. Hammam The article, in Elle Decor, was titled “35 Ways to Holiday at Home.” According to The Washington Post “bathing usually is a simple operation, but in a Moroccan hammam, it’s not your typical rub-a-dub-dub.” Sounds nice, really, but a […]


Chai latte, $4.13. Ideas and inspiration, priceless.

One of my favorite things to do on the weekend is hang out at the Starbucks inside Barnes and Noble and read home decor magazines. For $4.13, the cost of a grande chai latte with soy milk, I can read about $53 worth of magazines. The best are the international mags from Australia and the […]

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