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One Fun Thing: Plastic Flatware

I think this plastic flatwaremight be nicer than the real flatware we use at this house!  Designed to look like the real thing, these polycarbonate utensils would class up any outdoor barbecue. You can find them on Amazon.

One Fun Thing

Summer Strawberries

I went to three different farmer’s markets last weekend in search of fresh picked strawberries. No luck! It just wasn’t time yet. I’m hoping tomorrow will be a different story. Besides just eating them straight out of the carton, here are some recipes I’d like to try. Strawberry Freezer Jam (photo byhomemade by jill) Strawberry Bread (photo […]


Entryway vs. Foyer

There are still some pending projects in the back entry hallway that I have to finish before the final reveal. In the meantime, I want to start on the very first room you see when you walk in our front door. But, before I can tell you more about it, I must decide what to […]