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Recipes to Try

Occasionally, a recipe catches my eye and I add it to my “recipes to try” folder. Maybe you want to try them, too. Quinoa Scramblefrom jeremy and kathleen Chocolate Mudballs from New Nostalgia Strawberry Lemonade Bars from homemade by jill cerentha harris’ sausage rolls from Design*Sponge Marshmallow Butterflies & How to Make Colored Sugar from […]

From the Kitchen

If I Were Hosting Easter

I’ve yet to host a major family holiday, but often set ideas aside for the day when I do. If I were hosting Easter this year, here are some things I’d like to try. I’d start with a  blue and green theme inspired by these photos from The Party Dress.    Isn’t that egg garland in the top right […]


Tick Tock, New Clock

Here’s our new, big clock up on the wall. Looks good, fits with the room, and best of all it doesn’t make any noise. I was worried we’d have to live with “tick, tick, tick” all the time. But it’s quiet as can be. What do you think?

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Pizza and Queso Dip: The Details

“Pizza and Queso Dip, eh? Thought you were trying to eat healthier.” Those of you following along with this blog might have wondered exactly that. OK, I’ll admit it. The choices we made yesterday weren’t the healthiest and most “real” choices we could have made. But, a closer look might reveal they weren’t as bad […]

From the Kitchen

Case of the Extra Pizza Dough

Our meal plan for the week had us eating beef roast and spaghetti squash today. Tasty, yes. But not exactly basketball-watching food, and it is March Madness after all. So instead, we’re making steak pizza and queso dip. Of course I didn’t have all of the ingredients for either of those things, so Jake set out […]

From the Kitchen

What We Eat

Last week, I was in San Diego for work. Jake stayed home and his friend Casey came to visit. I tried to stock up on some pretty-good-for-you food that I thought he would eat, but got back to find his taste buds had ruled and he ate a lot of pizza, pizza rolls, cheese dip […]

From the Kitchen

Empty Wall, Big Clock

This wall in our family rooms looks bare. We’ve tried several different “looks” for this wall. Shelves with frames, three large paintings, etc. but nothing has looked right so far. That’s when the lightbulb went off in Jake’s head. A big clock! I was on board with that idea right away and started looking. The […]

Home Decor

Saturday Treasure Hunting

I really like Pier 1. If I’m not careful, our house is going to look just like a Pier 1 store. The thing is, there aren’t a lot of options in my town when it comes to home decor. But from here on out, I’d like to try to find unique items for our house. “Ooh, nice decorative […]

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