14 Valentine’s: Day 11, Easy Dessert

Need a last minute, super easy Valentine’s Day dessert? It’s your lucky day.

What you need:

1. Cream Horns
2. Strawberries

What you do:

1. Slice the cream horns

2. Slice the strawberries in half.

3. If the strawberries are large, go ahead and cut them in half again.

4. Now, cut a V shaped notch out of the top of each piece. At the same time, you’ll be removing the stem.

5. Then, take the pointy tips of your “heart” and just squish them down a little to round them out.

6. Take a slice of cream horn and put the strawberry on top.

7. Phew! It’s been about five minutes since you started. You must be hungry. Go ahead and enjoy.

According to my Valentine, this dessert is “sweet.”


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