Put a Bird On It

Portlandia is a show my dad refers to as “sometimes dumb, but when it’s funny it’s really funny.” We were talking about the show over dinner the other night, which reminded me of the only clip I’m familiar with. Dad’s right. Watch for yourself and let the bird craze continue.

p.s.I think this falls into the “really funny” category. You?




I Forgot Bryan’s Birthday

I’m a bad friend. I forgot to call or text Bryan on his birthday. I always remember, but not this year. I figure calling myself out publicly will make up for it in his eyes. Hope so.

Love ya Bry. Hope you had a great birthday!

bryan and emily
Emily and Bryan, May 2002, Albion College Graduation | Albion, MI


Pinned. Made. Yum. White Chicken Chili Recipe.

Recipe here on Giver’s Log.

From the Kitchen

Gorgeous Chair Inspiration (via Google Image Search)

Have you tried Google’s newish tool that let’s you search using an image? Basically, instead of typing text into the search bar you upload an image and Google Finds similar images.

I tried it this morning with a gorgeous chair that Jodi told me about last night.

This Home Belongs To: One King's Lane Chair

It’s sold out on One King’s Lane, but I wondered if I could find something similar.

I didn’t. Bummer.

But look what Google found for me instead….

Definitely inspiring search results.What a fun little game!

Home Decor

Basement Decorating Ideas, Up for Grabs

Jake took over the basement remodel. He decided the best thing to do is finish it, as in drywall and all.

As a result, I have a folder full of ideas that we’re not going to use. But you might want to.

DIY Screen Rack by kootut murut

Scrabble Pillows (source unknown)

Big Art From Small Items (Originally from Blueprint Magazine, Found Via Little Green Notebook)

Photos of our basement coming soon. We’ve come a long way, baby.


Home Decor

Welcome Copy Cat Chic Readers!

Thanks for clicking over. Don’t you just love Reichel’s blog? I know I do.

I hope you’ll stay here for a bit and have a look around.


Let’s Pretend: Hosting an Oscar Party (2012)

The party starts at 8 pm. You’ve already eaten dinner so I’m serving dessert.

…and fancy coffee drinks.

We’ll play Oscar Bingo while we watch the show.

And since we’re just pretending, I think I’ll wear this…

Will you be watching the Oscars? Tell me what you’ll be eating, drinking, wearing (for real or pretend).

Salted caramel lave cake via vegetarianirvana.
Latte Image Credit:  thepinkpeppercorn on flickr.
Oscar Bingo via How About Orange. Gold dress from Net-A-Porter.



3 DIY Art Project Ideas

I don’t know about you, but too many walls on my home are blank. I’ve been trying to fix that but often have a hard time finding things I like. So why not make something of my own? Even if it’s temporary until I find something else, bare walls do not make a cozy home.

Here are some ideas I’m mulling over:

1. Little Green Notebook makes $4 art with foam core and a large photo she had printed at FedEx Office.

2. Designer Gideon Mendelson  used the floral silhouettes seen below in a gorgeous living room. With the right frame this could be a pretty simple DIY.

3. Amy Meier offers a great tutorial for framing book pages with a special touch.

Have you come across any other great DIY art ideas? Let me know and I’ll post them to share with everyone.

DIY Art, Home Decor, Projects to Try

What’s For Dinner: Taco Stuffed Shells

Love tacos?  And pasta? Here’s the best of both worlds.

Taco Stuffed Shells from Blog Chef

I strayed from the recipe just a bit and used a whole box of Barillla “large” pasta shells (instead of only 12) and a jar of Ortega taco sauce (rather than just a cup).

Yum. Jake approves. This one’s going in the rotation.

Photo via Blog Chef.
From the Kitchen

Holiday Spirit: Rosy-Cheeked Santa

Seeing these mugs in the latest Pottery Barn catalog reminded me of how cute I think Santa Claus is with rosy cheeks are.